The World of Fashion Films

Fashion Film Festival Milano participates in the Estate Fiorentina film event APRITI CINEMA! with a special selection of films. “The World of Fashion Films” aims to be the starting point to get to know the fashion film as a new media.

The screening represents the history of Fashion Film Festival Milano and its mission to discover new talents, its belief in experimentation and avant-garde, gathering together the most important Italian and international brands and the most renowned directors.

The result is a collection of fashion films that include different and unexpected worlds, that can evoke and inspire. Fashion talks a new language, enriched by different collaborations.

Save the date: 3rd July 2016, 9.30pm, Piazza SS Annunziata, Firenze. Free entry

The screening will be introduced by our director Constanza Cavalli Etro


Castello Cavalcanti by Wes Anderson for Prada

Purgatory of monotony by Ace Norton for RHIE

High Tide by Albert Moya for Dires Van Noten

Dropdead Gorgeous by GED for Against Nudity

Vote Audrey by Lena Dunham per &Other Stories

Guilty by John Strong per Dazed and Confused

This must be the only fantasy by Todd Cole per Rodarte

Mourir aupres de toi by Spike Jonze for Olympia Le-Tan

Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio by Jason Bell per Vanity Fair

State of Nature by Francesco Torricella per Etro